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пятница, 5 февраля 2016 г.

Japanese reflections

Когда мой сын был маленьким, и мы гуляли после дождя, мы заглядывали в лужи и удивлялись, как в них помещается небо. Мальчик вырос, а я по-прежнему очарована зеркальной гладью воды, преобразующей мир. Посмотрите, разве не чудо?

Кинкаку-дзи, Золотой павильон
click on the picture for a closer view

набережная в Киото

Jinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto 
Не пропустите птицу на крыше!

Нара парк


Добрых вам выходных, отдохните хорошенько!

4 комментария:

  1. Hello Irina. Again for your "home". We have been a few days in Madrid ;)
    Woooww...Yes it is a miracle, when the water seconvierte mirror and you return the image. They are beautiful!!!
    Good weekend.

  2. Потрясающие пейзажи, вода волшебно отражает все, даже здание как в последнем фото. Удивительная красота, спасибо!

  3. a most beautiful place. thank you for stopping by my blog from laura.m's place! blessings to you!

  4. Oh, how so wonderful, Irina! As you know, I’m always fascinated by the magical world created by the reflections. Sometimes a small puddle can contain the whole world, if only you can look through into it. I could identify 11th image the Mirror Pond of the Todaiji Temple, 13th and 15th Isui-en Garden.

    Regarding the snow scenes from Nara, it rarely snows in Nara and the last dusting of the snow was the year 2014. In the falling snow, you need to protect your camera from the snow, and my fingers were so numbed with cold that I felt difficulty changing the setting of my camera, but I was absorbed in it because snowfall is a very rare treat.

    Have a nice week,