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суббота, 31 мая 2014 г.

Libri e Viaggi

The title read “Finding Colin Firth”. Above it there was a familiar profile and a catchy phrase: One summer. Three friends. And Mr Darcy. That is enough for a girl to grab the book, don’t you think? So did I in Helsinki airport on my way back from Christmas vacation. By the way, the airport turned to be really readers’ friendly: Moomins store with lots of these white roundish creatures (Tove Jansson's funny characters), bookstands where you can find unexpected titles and Book Swap where you are free to choose one and leave it behind somewhere else after reading.

And I read the book on a recent trip to Saint Petersburg. It carries away from the first page when Bea, one of the three mentioned above, receives a handwritten letter from her mother who died over a year ago. The girl reads that she was adopted at birth and that her biological mother lives not that far away, in Boothbay.
In the next chapter we meet Veronica Russo who loves to lose herself in watching Colin Firth movies and baking pies filled with good thoughts, pies that can bring you happiness, hope, even love. Only an idiot would attempt to make a pie – a special-ordered chocolate caramel cream Amore Pie – while watching Pride and Prejudice. Had she put in the vanilla? What about the salt? Damn Colin Firth and his pond-soaked white shirt.
The third chapter introduces Gemma Hendricks who has come to Boothbay to sort out her feelings. She’s accidentally pregnant, suddenly unemployed and under pressure from her husband to give up on her career and settle down, away from her beloved New York City.
The title of each chapter carries a name: Bea, Veronica or Gemma, and the three stories unfold separately at first. They have never met and the only thing that joins them is love for Colin Firth movies. Gradually all three women find their lives closely entwined. Moreover, some secondary personages are involved to make a story complete – the story of making a choice, defining your priorities: what’s major and what only looks major.
Colin Firth seems to be everybody’s heartthrob here – secret or open. He is expected to come to Boothbay to shoot a new movie and as required by the genre he appears in the epilogue. But the whole novel is loaded with his spirit; small wonder that in the acknowledgements Mia March, the author, devotes a full paragraph of gratitude to Colin Firth “for making us swoon, for making us believe and care” – actually, for being Colin Firth.

You’re unlikely to find Dostoevsky’s depth but it is a lovely option for summer read. Oh, while I’ve been writing this, summer has come! Let it be full of excellent books and travels, dear readers! And movies with Colin Firth or whoever your heartthrob is! Have you made a to do-to read-to see list for summer?

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  1. To tell the truth, I'm in a habit of doing such "must read" lists) this time it mostly consists of compulsory books, but I also didn't forget about relaxion and put some present-day works. And I don't know why, but now I'm especially fond of fairytales and children books. It was an unexpected feeling when you read a fairytales you read in childhood and understand the depth, the meaning of it, and compare ur impressions. E.g. the neverending story by Michael Ende. I remember this film, this luckdragon Falkor, but I didn't read this book. And now it was so beautiful to plunge into my childhood and look at the story with a fresh eye

    1. Not that I make such lists but I have a pile of books teasing and tempting me, and a couple of things to do which I cherish in my mind. But I wouldn't voice them, to be on the safe side... )))

  2. Анонимный23 июня 2014 г., 19:49

    Finally I am free, there's no more studying, I have a lot of spare time and I can dedicate myself to reading the books I am interested in. First of all I look forward to reading a series of novels "A Song of Ice and Fire". I watched the screen version of the books and I am in love with it!!! I am not a fan of this genre of books or films but this one is absolutely amazing. I wish I had read the books before but still I am interested in them, I hope they won't disappoint me and I will get the double portion of pleasure reading them.